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ADEN Works provides freight & despatch documentation from our warehouse. It’s all logged into our inventory reports so we keep track of stock levels. Website and retail sales are managed seamlessly with ADEN



Your database is the nucleus of your business. At ADEN Works we pride ourselves on making you more profitable with the correct data. Your data is specially designed and laid out so it is easy to read, even for the non-industry experienced staff member.



Most software packages can’t handle stock stored in multiple locations, goods in transit or can advise pickers the most efficient route to take to pick orders. ADEN Works does and more, all in real time and on hand held devices such as iPhones and iPads.



Through our mobile devices, ADEN Works allows you to work in your office, on the road or on the other side of the world. It connects you, your staff and clients in real time and is one of very few “whole of business” software packages in the world, which is affordable too small to large businesses



The Automotive Industry is traditionally complex with millions of vehicle parts, thousands of vehicle models and hundreds of parts suppliers. Whether you’re a speed shop, parts importer, automotive workshop or wrecker, ADEN Works has a software solution for you


Inventory Scanner

Connected enterprise solution for your business.

Fully integrated stock control, inventory management, e-commerce, general accounts software & smart device package.

Profit through Productivity




ADEN Works has been designed by a cross disciplined group of industry business owners, sales specialists and Chartered Accountants dedicated to bringing financial and productivity benefits to their clients. Find out more about our story and our team here.


Inventory & Stock Control

Right combination of enterprise software and smart device connectivity to enable complex stock control, warehouse efficiency andasset management.
Forecast inventory accurately. Auto-populate purchase orders. Set stock alerts. Product bundling. Minimum of key strokes to achieve a quotes, invoices and purchase orders. No codes or special keys to learn.
Typical customers have complex inventory – warehousing and pricing requirements. They include Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers and more with 1 or multiple branches.

Accounts & Reporting

Take control of your financial position & cashflow. Reports are easy to read and understandable. System provides global visibility. Decision making is based on real time data.
One click and you know how much you owe, how much is owed to you and how much you have in the bank.
ADEN Works is able to scale so it will satisfy your business needs well into the future and is priced for businesses as they grow

Smart Device Integration

Barcodes and smartphones enable warehouse order and simplifies stocktakes. Use mobiles to connect to ADEN Works. Functionality includes Booking Goods In, Moving stock from one Warehouse location to another, Stock Location, Pick Orders, Stocktake, Printing Price Labels, Freight Labels.

Web Integration

Effortless, real time uploading and downloading of stock to your web site. Fully automatic. Load photos to the internet is seamless. Integrate in real-time with our all-in-one eCommerce package, eBay and more.

Industry Relevance

Can be tailored to suit a number of different industry applications. Accepts your supplier’s catalogues in electronic format. Software bench marks your business against others in your Industry.
ADEN Works integrates where possible with other providers to make your solution scaleable and complete. Already we integrate to Web & E-Commerce sites, Tyro Eftpos, Capricorn and more.

Warehouse & Freight

Handles stock in two ways: electronic stock control and physical stock control. There may be a number of items which you don’t need to track individually -we call electronic. The physical tracks each stock item individually and can record stock control numbers, serial numbers, etc. Each of these systems is available in the one package.
Create labels, ship and track for freight management.


ADEN Works provides a full Audit trail. All keystrokes are recorded throughout the system. This is the most effective means you have to stop system cheats and fraud. Off-the-shelf systems are open to abuse. Fraud is the number 1 issue affecting most businesses.  ADEN Works audit trail and security for payment through TYRO stops fraud.

Trade Connect

ADEN Works can provide an online Portal from your system out to your account customers. The information is live and includes a Catalogue, Net and Trade Pricing, Availability, Pictures, Specials, a Customer specific order form and account information. Keep your business open 24/7

24/7 Help & Training

Our Australian based team connects direct through the Internet to your site to provide on-demand support. Knowledge base available for all clients along with phone/email support ticket system.

Profit through Productivity