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Automotive Spares Industry

ADEN Works is simple to operate for businesses in Automotive Spares.
The system makes your business more profitable.  Over 95% of current users report a dramatic increase in Productivity.
Handle every aspect of your business.  Eliminate duplication.  Simple to operate. Reduce staff numbers.

Technology Integration

ADEN Works integrates iPhone iPad apps, CRM, Productivity Tracking and has a fully integrated website module, which operates on a Magneto platform. Also interfaces with eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc.
ADEN Works has the ability to send Picking slips to picker’s iPhones and tell them the most productive order to pick items. This is revolutionising many Industries, not to mention the productivity tracking of staff members.


  • Achieve more with less staff.
  • Ability to see actual financial position due to full integrated accounting.
  • ADEN Works works across Branches, either company or independently owned.
  • Provides automated Bank Reconciliations, automated Capricorn receipting, integrated dispatch with major freight companies.

Auto Interchange

ADEN Works comes with a 200,000 automotive part Interchange database. This gives users the ability use data share between fellow users.

Used, New or Rebuilt Products

Whether purchased locally or imported, ADEN Works handles Used, New or Rebuilt products with absolute simplicity and accuracy.
ADEN Works is the only industry Software that can automatically allocate cost to individual dismantled parts or adds extra costs, such as freight, insurance, import duty, etc., to individual imported product. This gives you accurate true landed costing for each product.

ADEN Works Modules

Software Inclusions


All enquiries are logged against individual Reference numbers. The enquiry can be SMS to the client with the details of the enquiry. Each enquiry is logged automatically and displayed. Each enquiry is logged whether you have stock or not. Simple to look the stock up during an enquiry – handles multiple parts with one key stroke. All integrated to Debtors and General Ledger.


Debtors receipting (both manual and electronic), Bonus Rewards module, Email marketing module, Central Accounting, Matrix Discount module, Automatic Stop Credit module, SMS customers in 60 or 90 days, Invoice and Statement payment facilities online, Bad Debt write off, Comprehensive reporting function and a 80/20 customer program. iPhone apps available for marketing.


This module handles the suppliers and the payments of Creditors, both manually and electronically through On Line Banking. This module allows for the entry of Non Stock Purchases (business running expenses) Integrates to General Ledger.


This module has many highly developed functions. It can automatically dismantle vehicles based on the required parts. This module interfaces with the Auction module which means there is no re-entry of data. Stock costing facility of damaged vehicles.
Dismantling can be done at the vehicle using the Surface Pro and the system has an extensive test sheet function. The ARA damaged code listings are available. The system has the functionality to allow the user to also rebuild vehicles. Everything is in real time.

Purchasing Importing

Extensive Stock importing function which allows the storage and conversion of the imported cost at the dollar rate at time of purchase. Allocation of associated importing costs like freight local, freight o/s and insurance, etc, to individual products is based on product Unit Cost or Retail Price or Product Size.
The Software can handle Multi – Purchase costing. It also handles the GST from the custom agent and local costs.

General Ledger

This module is integrated with the rest of the system. It features Electronic Bank Reconciliations, Budgeting, BAS reporting, Cash Payments and Cash Receipting. The biggest time saving is that ADEN Works has no END OF MONTH procedures. It is totally date driven. The General Ledger Reporting is extensive, with drill down Trial Balances, Profit and Loss report and Balance Sheet.

ADEN Works' Portal

This function handles the ecommerce. As all your products are controlled within ADEN Works you don’t need an external third party to up load and maintain your website, eBay or Representative apps.


A comprehensive workshop module allows you to book jobs in, add parts from stock or externally purchased. In incorporates a detailed Calendar with SMS reminders to clients. Tracks the customer’s vehicles or articles, mechanics times and has details reports on workshop profitability.
Core Exchange, Credit Notes, Delivery Tracking, Lay-bys, Daily Banking and Comprehensive Sales Reporting functions are also included.

Local Purchasing

This module is highly developed. It handles any purchase made of stock from damaged vehicles to new parts. The system knows which product that supplier supplies and can also handle suppliers who handle both new and used parts. It handles re-ordering of stock by supplier or by multiple suppliers. It has extraordinary functionality, from price checking to units purchased, such as cartons as opposed to individual items. It can receive the data electronically and is integrated to Creditors and the General Ledger. It can give recommended stock ordering based on both enquiries and sales. This can also be done seasonally to allow you to stock the correct quantity.
ADEN handles back orders and allows staff to input stock from their iPhone, iPad or Surface Pro. It also allows staff to put stock on hold so it can be sold immediately and the Invoice entered later. ADEN Works automatically links the Purchase Back Order to Invoices Back Order and creates a Picking Slip and / or Invoice as required. Delivery dockets and invoices can be stored electronically
Quote Damaged Vehicles. This allows staff to quote vehicles directly from Auction Websites and can be the point of entry if the vehicle is purchased. Not double entering of data. This integrates to General Ledger.


This module is extensive. It handles anything to do with a business’s inventory:

  • Kitting is a module which allows a business to sell a collection of parts as one.
  • Scrapping of parts is handled and goes through to the General Ledger. Users import new model parts lists (electronically) as the products became available.
  • Real Time Stock Taking facility which incorporates the iPhone or iPad and is reflected in the General Ledger.
  • Depreciation facility and a very extensive Stock reporting module is included.
  • Barcoding for clients whose suppliers don’t supply barcodes on their products is handled easily. Traditionally you would have to print barcode labels, take them out to the parts find them, attach and then take them to the shelf, shot the location and bar code take the bar code reader back to the docking station and upload it. Well with ADEN most of that has gone.

System Functions

This module is the house keeping of the system.

Profit through Productivity

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