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Our customers love us!

ADEN Works implementation ratio is currently running at over 80% of businesses we have demonstrated to.

What's the difference from our competitors?

The functionality and the price is what makes ADEN Works different.
You own the data.  You only exchange the stock information that you are happy to allow other users to see. If you don’t wish to show your product pricing, then ADEN Works won’t allow it.  You control what is accessible.
Through a simple to use operation you can use your own model codes, part codes and still exchange information accurately with other users.
ADEN Works does not upload or analyse your data on a daily basis.  We supply you with a Confidentiality Agreement, which clearly states that we cannot collect, sell or use YOUR data for any purpose.

ADEN Works saves time during the sales process

Contrary to other systems, ADEN Works was designed with the sales process in mind.  Our development team were focused on what were the least number of keystrokes to capture all the relevant data for a sales transaction to be recorded?  How can a sales person handling a phone transaction look up stock quickly and efficiently?  ADEN Works provides a simple and efficient system for sales.
All customers are recorded with a reference number so all transactions are easily tracked to both the customer and the sales rep.

ADEN Works makes you money

ADEN Works is a full management package.  It can give you a complete evaluation of your business second by second. ADEN Works has budgeting abilities which automatically allows you know where you are and what you have to do to make more money. Many businesses, while profitable have trouble understanding profitability as apposed to turnover.
Imagine a system which advises you what stock to buy, what to pay for it, and what to keep. Does your depreciation of stock so your financial stock figure is accurate.  Imagine having access to an accurate stock take report. The proven areas are:

  • Depth of information available to your sales staff (no matter how experienced) to service your customers.
  • Pricing, the ability to adjust pricing automatically
  • Automation of purchasing and sales
  • Ease of inputting the stock into the system and having it on your website and multiple websites instantly.

ADEN Works has an Industry Benchmarking facility which produces reports which tells you how your business compares to others.